Avenir DP197085 Barcode: 9322318007818


RRP: $109.00 (inc GST)

Display box for the gorgeous Avenir puzzle range, containing 6 puzzles. Perfect for displaying the latest puzzles from Avenir on your counter or on a shelf.

Avenir Puzzle Display Box contains:

1 x Polar Puzzle

1 x Jungle Puzzle

1 x Panda Puzzle

1 x Unicorn Puzzle

1 x Ocean Puzzle

1 x Farm Puzzle

The Avenir Puzzles are a range of puzzles designed for ages 3-5 years of age - 28-piece puzzles with larger pieces.

Range includes gorgeous themes – Farm, Ocean, Panda, Jungle, Polar, Unicorn. This range is a new generation of art and craft toys allowing children to express their creativity and artistic flair. 

The collection includes bright and bold puzzle kits that foster a child’s creativity whilst having fun and experiencing the enjoyment of playing. Avenir’s adorable puzzle sets are a brilliant introduction to the world of puzzle-solving, featuring bright and cheery animals and their environments. The gorgeous puzzle pieces are of a high quality and are substantial enough for infants & pre-schoolers to pick up, hold and place in the puzzle.

The gorgeous, sturdy packaging design means they can be displayed as a set or individually. They are packaged in a unique, good quality boxes with colourful graphics, making them stand out on shelves, especially when presented as a whole range.