Johnco T2450 Barcode: 9322318007825

Johnco - iCANbe - Display of 12 Assorted

RRP: $95.40 (inc GST)

I Can Be...whatever I want to be!

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This fabulous range of Johnco STEM toys helps kids to explore a whole range of exciting future careers, igniting their imagination! This I Can Be Display Box comes with 12 toys, ready packaged. Perfect for your counter display or for a shelf. 

The following toys are in assorted combinations:

I Can Be A Detective!

I Can Be A Spy!

I Can Be A Scientist!

I Can Be A Rock Hound!

I Can Be A Microbiologist!

I Can Be A Geologist!

I Can Be A Pearl Diver!

I Can Be A Prospector!

They can be all ordered separately for when you need to top up your display.

Suitable for ages 6 years +.