Johnco FS911 Barcode: 9322318007832

Johnco - Reacher: Robotic Arm

RRP: $82.95 (inc GST)

Easy-to-control 8-way Joysticks 

Convertible Grippers 

Horizontal and Vertical Gripper Joint 

Racing-car Power Switch with Additional Safety Lock 

Openwork Chassis Design 

Visible Mechanical Rods and Running Gears 

The REACHER Robotic Arm is a unique robotic arm with exclusive features.

The innovative REACHER Robotic Arm will definitely surprise you. Unlock the safety
switch, press on the red, racing-car power button and the robotic arm is fired-up and ready to go. This new arm is easily operated by two joysticks that control the 4 axes in 8 different directions simultaneously. It is intuitive and easy to learn how to use.

The Robotic Arm has interchangeable 2-claw and 4-claw grippers so you can grab a whole range of different objects. You can even use it as your very own claw machine! You can quickly switch from one to another by simply opening the ends. This feature maximises the number and types of objects you can grab.

This innovative device uses different mechanical basics. The openwork chassis lets you in on all the secrets behind the sharp operation. Users have the chance to see how the inner mechanical parts work together. Through the hands-on assembly, kids will not only acquire mechanical knowledge but also build up problem-solving skills. This STEM educational robotic arm is worth recommending!

29cm x 41cm x 11cm