Plus Plus PP7217 Barcode: 5710409104166

Plus-Plus - Display Space/Moon Landing

RRP: $462.70 (inc GST)

This fabulous counter/shelf display unit contains all you need to build a space scene and moon landing! Includes the Saturn V tube, Astronaut tube, Lunar Landing tube and a base plate kit with flag and space junk building pieces!

Guided by the instructions included, you can build all the pieces so you are ready to fly into space! Get ready for hours of creative play with these space tubes and baseplates, while stimulating fine motor skills, building puzzles, mosaics, and 3D constructions while mixing play and creativity! 

Contains 10 x baseplate kits, 4 x Saturn V rocket tubes, 6 x Astronaut tubes and 6 x Lunar Landing tubes.

Plus-Plus is a creative construction toy for hours of play. Kids and their parents find joy in using their imagination to create colorful 2D puzzles and mosaics or build 3D creations together. A perfect educational STEM toy that stimulates fine motor skills, creativity, focus and patience! 

Plus-Plus is perfect for small hands and big ideas.

Plus-Plus: One Shape - Endless Possibilities.

++ Designed and made in Denmark 

BPA-free and phthalate-free 

Each piece measures 20mm x 12mm 

Age: 5+