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4M - Crystal Growing Kit - Space Gem - Green

RRP: $21.45 (inc GST)

Grow amazing space crystals!

Display them for everyone to see in the unique space capsule display and build your own crystal collection. The size, shape and colour of your crystal may vary depending on the experimental conditions.

The Crystal Growing stimulates creativity with and improves learning of science principles. It is a great learning resource to stimulate mental development, creativity and encourage children's natural curiosity. 

It's a fun, sparkling chemistry experiment.

Available in Space Red, Space Green and Space Blue.

Contents: 1 bag white crystal compound, 1 bag green colourant, 1 crystal base, 1 stirring bowl, 1 stirring spoon, 1 display cover, 1 coloured wrapped, 1 circular card cover, 1 container and detailed instructions. 

For ages 10 years +