Come and visit our Virtual Showroom.

Updated March 2023 with new toys.

Navigate your way around - it's a fun way to see our new products and bestsellers
For detailed instructions on how to explore, please see below.



  • To enter the 3D Virtual Store, please click on the image above.
  • To move around the store: click on points on the floor to move to that space.
  • You can spin around the full 360° by clicking on your mouse (holding it down) and moving it around in the direction you would like to go.
  • Hover your mouse over a red target symbol to view one of our new products in detail - you can watch a product video to see the toy in action and also click through from the description to our website to order or see more product information.
  • There is a 'Play' button in the bottom left hand corner - click on it to watch a short walk-through video. This will help you to see all the products & brands, and then you can look at them more closely by navigating around yourself.
  • See images below for more instructions - you can always access these through the store by clicking on the 'Help' in the bottom right hand corner.
  • It is very easy to navigate on a touch screen device if you would like to use your phone or iPad.