Johnco FS100 Barcode: 658848731701

Johnco - Dig Kit - Pirate Treasures

RRP: $25.95 (inc GST)

Become a budding Treasure Hunter! Dig and discover the awesome pirate treasures!

Uncover pirate skeletons and collect all the treasures! Unearth bones, a sword, a pistol, gold coins, gold nuggets, a diamond, keys and more!

With your adventure kit, get ready to explore pirate legends and pirate facts, such as life at sea and other interesting aspects of a pirate's life, to unearth how real pirates lived.

Unlock the treasure chest to make your own treasure collection! Show them to all your friends!

Kit also includes an earthen block, tools for digging, a treasure chest and a poster and info guide.

For ages 6 years+.