The green conversation is going on everywhere. Clean energy and water solutions are increasingly major priorities for governments and research institutions. Green technology is the industry of the future and kids are excited to be a part of it today. They feel proud to be green, proud to solve eco-problems and proud to do it themselves.

Green Science teaches the principles of renewable solar, hydro, magnetic, gravity and wind power and kids get to build a cool, clean machine that works!

Engineering is perhaps the most creative scientific discipline. Engineers dream, they imagine, they question possibilities and then they build wondrous creations. Green Science kits teach young engineers to use the principles of physics to build their own gadgets, robots and cool contraptions that really work.

The 4M Green Science series gets kids to explore the wonders of physics and chemistry. Children learn how to generate electricity with solar power, wind and salt water, as well as understand weather patterns and explore the amazing life of plants.