KidzLabs is a comprehensive educational toy range that focuses on scientific experiments. The products have won a number of international awards. The 4M KidzLabs range features an array of box sets and are a great way for young scientists to begin understanding the complexity of the world. Let kids play and they will discover the fascinating science behind the world!

Curiosity and imagination are the highest evolutionary traits of human intelligence and form the basis for how we learn. When these are encouraged, children develop a rich connection with self-learning and the pursuit of knowledge. KidzLabs’ huge array of fun and interesting toys are based on STEAM principles of astronomy, biology, chemistry, optics, magnetism and much more. The learning is fun when kids are tying to figure out science-based tricks, magic props and illusions. Kids love to learn about the natural world. Our science-based KidzLabs kits enrich their fundamental understanding of scientific principals through creative toys that inspire smiles, giggles and learning.

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