4M Toys FSG6810 Barcode: 4893156068101

4M - Logiblocs - Smart Talking Bank

RRP: $51.95 (inc GST)

Build a money bank with a unique voice alarm and record unlimited personalised messages with the Logiblocs system. Have fun thanking anyone who contributes money to your savings or you can record a warning alarm to stop intruders from trying to steal your money!!

Welcome to the world of Logiblocs, the electronic discovery system that helps children understand the automatic and interactive world we live in. Logiblocs are colour-coded transparent plastic blocks with electronics inside, each with its own function. All the Logiblocs kits can work together. By plugging together the modular parts children can build control systems and gadgets that are loads of fun!

28cm x 24cm x 7cm

5 yrs+