Avenir CH221893 Barcode: 6920773318932

Avenir - Craft Play Box - Unicorn Wonderland

RRP: $52.95 (inc GST)

The gorgeous Unicorn Wonderland Craft Play Box is a super-giftable, reusable carry box, that opens to reveal a brightly coloured and beautifully illustrated unicorn-themed background. 

Combine sewing activities with fabric materials and quality cardboard to create 3 standing unicorns and 17 other standing animals and decoration such as flowers and trees.

There's lots of DIY fun here for kids to create their very own amazing Unicorn Wonderland! The handle on the box top makes it perfect for taking out and about, and for packing away all the pieces to keep them safe for next time.

Avenir's Unicorn Wonderland Craft Play Box will have children engaged for hours, spark creativity and encourage little ones to use their imagination!

Ages: 8+.