Dantoy DT5651 Barcode: 5701217056518

Dantoy - BIOplastic - Garage + 3 Cars

RRP: $69.95 (inc GST)

The BIO garage comes in subtle colours with three cute little cars. The set encourages play with cars to spark the imagination and strengthen fine motor skills from the age of 1. 

If the cars have been for a drive in the sandpit or puddles, they are easily cleaned with a car wash in the dishwasher. It's easy to extend the play with other sets from the BIO range, made entirely from recyclable bioplastics in lovely, natural colours. 

The BIO range encourages indoor and outdoor play in all weather conditions. We have toys suitable for sun, snow, sand and water. The BIO garage set is produced by Dantoy in Denmark and made from Nordic Eco-labelled bioplastic, which is made from 90% sugarcane, a residual product from sugar production. The set includes 4 pieces in lovely BIO colours. This product is recommended for children aged 12+ months. 

- Made in Denmark. 

- Sustainable materials and production methods. 

- Contains no harmful toxins. 

- Dishwasher safe. 

- The Nordic Swan Ecolabel - for the benefit of your health and the environment. Read more at: https://www.ecolabel.dk/en/about/the-nordic-swan-ecolabel-and-eu-ecolabel. 

A great play set that will spark the child's imagination and strengthen fine motor skills, where children can drive the cars in and out of the garage.

For ages 12 months+