Dantoy DT5612 Barcode: 5701217056129

Dantoy - BIOplastic - Sand & Water Set

RRP: $27.95 (inc GST)

A charming set that includes a watering can, sand mould, shovel and rake. This set is ideal for playing and learning at the beach or in the sandbox, for both younger and older children. 

Playing with sand and water enriches a child's sensory exploration and enhances fine motor skills, for example, when filling the mould with sand then carefully upending it. 

The sand and water set is a Danish-made toy from Dantoy, crafted from bioplastic, and comes in two different sets of BIO colour combinations. This product is recommended for children aged 2+ years. 

- Toys produced from bio-based plastic. 

- Made in Denmark. 

- Contains no harmful toxins. 

- Dishwasher-safe. 

- The Nordic Swan Ecolabel - for the benefit of your child's health and the environment. 

Number of pieces in the set: 4. The sand and water set from Dantoy's BIO range offers rich possibilities for sensory exploration of nature through sand and water.

For ages 2 yrs+