Dantoy DT4945 Barcode: 5701217049459

Dantoy - Blue Marine Toys - Sand & Water Mill Set

RRP: $39.95 (inc GST)

A lovely set with a shovel, a sand mould and a large mill through which both sand and water can run. The mill has a tilt and a sluice, so the child decides how much sand or water run through the wheel. 

The set provides many opportunities for sensory play and exploring nature at the beach or in the sandpit and strengthens the child's fine motor skills, eye and hand coordination. The Sand and Water Mill Set from Blue Marine Toys, like all other toys from the range, is made from recycled plastic derived from marine gear such as nets, trawls and ropes. 

At the factory in Hobro, these residual materials are transformed into toys, as using the recycled gear is a preventive action against fishing and marine gear ending in the oceans. The Blue Marine range encourages you to play with sand and water in the great outdoors - in the very nature that we must care for and protect. With Blue Marine Toys, Dantoy is making a sustainable, preventative move towards protecting nature. The Sand and Water Mill Set is produced by dantoy in Denmark and made from recycled residual materials from maritime use. 

The set includes 3 pieces in lovely Blue Marine colours, which may vary slightly due to the material product. 

- Sustainable toys made from recycled fishing gear. 

- Made in Denmark. 

- Contains no harmful toxins. 

- Dishwasher safe. 

The Sand and Water Mill Set from Dantoy's maritime universe, Blue Marine Toys, includes several elements that provide ample opportunity for sensory play and exploring sand and water in the great outdoors.

For ages 2 yrs+