Dantoy DT1335 Barcode: 5701217013351

Dantoy - Classic - Bucket with Lip - 2.5L size. Assorted Colours.

RRP: $13.95 (inc GST)

Great play for many generations - The Dantoy Classic Range. 

The colour of the Dantoy Classic range goes back to the roots, celebrating bright red, yellow, green and blue colours. Bright primary colours are known to stand out to young children. 

The Dantoy Classic range of toys has not been designed with the home interior in mind, but rather with colours that we know young children love. 

These buckets are a must-have! They are the perfect toy for sensory exploration. Playing outdoors, carefully filling and emptying the bucket with sand or water to construct a fort or pouring the water out, strengthens your child's sense perceptions and fine motor control. This bucket set from the Classic range is crafted from Nordic Swan Eco-labelled plastic and comes in the 4 Classic range colours: red, blue, yellow and green. 

- Made in Denmark. 

- Contains no toxins. 

- Dishwasher safe. 

- Nordic Swan Ecolabel - benefiting health and the environment. 

2+ years