Dantoy DT4716 Barcode: 5701217047165

Dantoy - Green Garden - Planting Set -10pc

RRP: $55.95 (inc GST)

Soil, Plants, Senses - Discover nature with the Dantoy Green Garden range. 

The Dantoy Green Garden range encourages children to explore nature while stimulating their senses. Green Garden develops multiple skills, including motor skills coordination and fine finger dexterity. The play sets encourage children to have fun making barbecues, tea and breakfast together, as well as more active play with wheelbarrows, sowing seeds, planting, digging and raking. 

The sets come in a lovely array of soft colours. 

This 10 pieces pretend play planting set includes a watering can, 3 flower pots, a carry tray, shovel, rake and plant markers with self-mounting stickers.

- Made in Denmark. 

- Non - toxic

- Dishwasher safe. 

- Nordic Swan Ecolabel - benefiting health and the environment. 

For ages 2+ years.