Engino ENCE301MM-A Barcode: 5291664009385

Engino - Creative Engineering - 30 in 1 - Maker Master

RRP: $69.95 (inc GST)

Creative Engineering Maker Master includes 30 models in this one kit.
This kit is jam packed with theory activities and an instruction book.

Download the Free 3D KidcAD interactive app on Google play or Apple store for step by step instructions. Rotate in 3D, zoom in and out, explode and implode your model, find and explore more models. Creative Engineering includes STEM based experiments with theory and Examples.

This kit comes packed in a plastic-tub for easy storage and safe keeping.
Engino also includes and extraction tool to quickly and easily disassemble models.
Engino is a true patented 3D construction system - the pieces snap fit together quickly and easily making construction of Engino models quick fun and easy.

For ages: 7+ years