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Engino - Discovering STEM - How cars work - Technology of machines

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Cars, or automobiles, are probably the most common way for transporting humans and goods. They may vary in size and design, but all are defined as motor vehicles that run primarily on roads and have wheels. Cars came into global use during the 20 century and our developed economies depend on them. 

Kids learn STEM and can answer the following all while building models and experimenting: 

Who was the inventor of the car? What are the basic parts of a car and how do they work? How crucial is safety and comfort for passengers? Which physical laws car engineers need to know. Which are the most popular motorsports? What is mechanical advantage? How do pistons work inside the engine? What is the role of the gearbox? How the design affects the performance? What is breakover angle? Why small cars help in traffic jams? What are airbags and anti-lock brakes?

Number of parts included in pack: 140

For ages 8-16+ years