Engino EN1234 Barcode: 5291664001259

Engino - Inventor - Industrial - 12 Models

RRP: $36.95 (inc GST)

The 12 in 1 INDUSTRIAL models package contains an amazing Snowplow vehicle for clearing the road on slippery days!

This will make way for the remaining models to go on their work such as the Excavator, the Bobcat and the two Dump trucks (small and large). 

Move materials around with the Wheelbarrow, Van, Truck and two sizes of Semi-truck vehicles.

Ride the convenient Pick-up truck to do any handy jobs around the city.
Then re-build into an exciting model of Forklift with moveable teeth in order to stack heavy pallets.

Key Features:

? Snap-fit connectivity in any direction and angle.

? Extraction tool for easy disassembly.

? Easy-to-follow building instructions.

? All parts are non-toxic and made to last. 

? All 4 models can be assembled by downloading the free internet instructions, available at Engino website.

? All models are available as interactive 3D instructions viewed either from a PC or from smartphones and tablets through the ENGINO 3D Viewer app (kidCAD), downloadable for free in Android, Apple (iOs) and Windows mobile operating systems.

For ages: 6-12 years