Engino ENQB40 Barcode: 5291664016871

Engino - Qboidz - Alligator

RRP: $59.95 (inc GST)

The new Qboidz system combines the award-winning snap-fit connectivity of the Engino system with the effortless building feature of stackable blocks!

The system encourages preschool children to develop their cognitive, social and motor skills through fun and creative play.

The Qboidz development is based on the latest pedagogical principles of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), aiming to provide both girls and boys with the necessary experience, skills and knowledge to cope with the technological advancements of the future.

The parts are suitable even for 2-year-olds but due to the complexity of some models, age 4-7 is recommended.

Number of parts included in pack: 62