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Engino - STEAMlabs - How inertia works

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Inertia & Energy Conversion Science Kit Kids learn how inertia works and how it impacts our everyday lives by exploring the mechanics behind one of the 20th century?s most important inventions: the seatbelt.

When they?re done experimenting, kids can take off their hard hats and pick up their coloured pencils and decorate their very own snap-on skins. Plus, young learners will get a coloured booklet with: a micro-history of Newton?s laws and the theory behind them fun STEM experiments with their very own crash test rig a quiz to test their understanding of key STEM concepts easy-to-follow building instructions printable skins to practice their design skills.

Engino STEAM toys are complete STEAM learning tools designed to prepare young learners for a lifetime of scientific discovery.

Number of parts included in pack: 110

For ages 8-12+