Jaq Jaq Bird JJ104 Barcode: 753068880649

Jaq Jaq Bird - Aqua Brush Pen - 3pk

RRP: $9.95 (inc GST)

Watercolor Brushes - Portable and Travel friendly. Good things come in threes! Turn any Butterstix drawings into watercolors with our Aqua Brush Pen. Each set comes with 3 brush tip sizes, small, medium and large for full artistic expression. Ideal with the Jaq Jaq Bird Butterstix, Jaq Jaq Bird's Aqua Brush Pen has a durable tip that holds it's point for a better stroke control. The soft, easy-to-squeeze barrel is easy to use for small hands and adults alike. Fun, mess-free coloring accessory. Helps develop fine motor skills. Reduces risk of breakage. Prevents traces of any residue. For ages 3 years+.