Jaq Jaq Bird JJ203 Barcode: 650726210933

Jaq Jaq Bird - Cities of Wonder Stick It & Go Activity Set - Paris

RRP: $29.45 (inc GST)

Introducing our Cities of Wonder Stick It & Go activity sets

Explore, imagine and learn about the world around you through our Cities of Wonder collection.  Each activity set includes one reversible city map and three sticker sheets.  The city map features one full city scene guide on the front and a blank map on the back for placing stickers.  Sticker sheets include landmarks, icons, foods and more, and the third sheet features bonus stickers to be applied to water bottles, suitcases, journals, etc.! 

Our brand new Cities of Wonder Stick It & Go set is the ideal companion for exploring each city, whether you are learning from home or documenting your travels to cities near and far! 

 Ideal for children 3 years & up.

  • Educational sticker activity set 
  • One reversible city map guide 
  • Three city sticker sheets
  • 11" x 11" sheets