Johnco FS648 Barcode: 9322318008211

Johnco - Hydraulic Boxing Bots

RRP: $79.95 (inc GST)

Jab, cross, uppercut! If you have ever dreamed of fighting like a real boxer, Hydraulic BOXING BOTS is designed for you, regardless of age or experience!

This 2-player boxing kit is packed with the excitement of a boxing game while learning all about the concept of hydraulic power. With 9 shoulder gestures, 2 boxing punches, and 3 waist postures, this STEM toy recreates the thrill of a boxing match in the palm of your hands. Choose a player and go for it! 

Includes two characters in two colours, so you can customise your Boxing Bot. Also includes scoreboards to keep score!

For ages 8 years+.