Johnco FS642 Barcode: 9322318008297

Johnco - Rugged Terrain Rover

RRP: $49.95 (inc GST)

Watch the Rugged Terrain Rover Robot climb over all sorts of obstacles - nothing will stand in its way! It has over 100 dynamic variables available to get over the most rugged terrain!
Your Rover can take multiple forms to ensure no obstacle is too difficult, with a fantastic 9cm climbing height ability! Designed with 4 variable wheel settings and 3 different axle positions allowing your Rover to stride short, medium and long distances.
You can change the body angle from 90° - 180°. Choose the best angle so your Rover can pass the rugged terrains smoothly and be an obstacle terrain warrior!

Requires 4 x AAA batteries.

For ages 8 years+.