Johnco FS645 Barcode: 9322318008365

Johnco - Flexee - Robo Claw

RRP: $99.95 (inc GST)

Unleash boundless flexibility of a claw or eel head in every move with this fun, easily-controlled flexible arm! 

Build it yourself and then effortlessly operate it with unparalleled flexibility. Make the claw, or interchangeable eel head, spin a thrilling 180 degrees with just a touch.

Use the right joystick to control the upper body and the left one for the lower body. You'll be amazed at how intuitive it feels. The entire arm is threaded with multiple nylon cords, enabling easy control of the arm's direction by pulling closer or pushing away. Just like real eel movements. 

Control the claw, allowing it to open and close, or make the eel 's mouth snap open and shut!

For ages 12 years+.