Johnco FS647 Barcode: 9322318008358

Johnco - Wabo the Robot - Gyro Monorail Science Kit

RRP: $74.45 (inc GST)

Explore the future transportation tool with this little robot. Highly intelligent Wabo, works on the basis of gyroscope effect to achieve the impossible mission - running on the monorail with a single wheel. With only a motor to spin the gyroscope, Wabo can keep itself balanced on the monorail. How fantastic! 

With the help of the 3 interesting props: 3-way splitter, cross switch and seesaw, you can enjoy building a unique track kingdom. The smart mechanism not only enables Wabo to run up and down, but also to change direction at the intersection.

 There are up to 26 different routes to explore or you can use your creativity to design your own. 

For ages 8 years+.