MAGNA-TILES MT04300 Barcode: 631291043003

MAGNA-TILES - Classic - 100 Piece Set

RRP: $164.95 (inc GST)

MAGNA-TILES? Classic 100-Piece Magnetic Construction Set, The ORIGINAL Magnetic Building Brand

Are you looking for the best starter set for larger families and classrooms?  Perhaps you need more tiles for big builds and bigger imaginations?  Check out the Classic 100-piece set, only from the MAGNA-TILES? brand!  Vibrant and amazingly versatile, these high-quality magnetic tiles are just the right size for little hands and perfect for cool learning activities, fun experiments and countless hours of open-ended play. 

MAGNA-TILES? sets provide a powerful learning tool for young children with inquisitive minds. Use them to get a head start on learning shapes, colors, matching and basic building skills.  Math, science, spatial and tactile skills? Check!  Creativity, problem solving, teamwork, frustration tolerance and so much more?  You got it!  Simply let your little one stack, build, and explore any way they want.  There?s no right or wrong way to use them, so no instructions are needed!  All MAGNA-TILES? pieces are fully compatible and designed to grow with your little ones and their amazing imaginations!  Join the millions of fans, families and educators around the world and see why the Classic 100-Piece Set is a must-have for children ages three and up.

  • What's Included:  100 magnetic pieces in 6 Classic colors. This set includes 50 Squares, 4 Large Squares and 46 Triangles (20 Equilateral, 11 Right, 15 Isosceles).

  • What Makes It Unique:  You?re looking at the original and most celebrated set in magnetic construction! Features 100 classic geometric shapes in primary colors.   

  • Developmental: Certified STEAM toy, per Dr. Gummer's Good Play Guide?, in partnership with The Toy Association?, for aiding in the development of fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, cognitive skills, executive functioning, creativity and more!

  • Great for Gifting: THE starter set for larger families with 3+ year olds and classrooms around the world. 

  • More to Explore:  Get started with the MAGNA-TILES? Classic 100-piece set and see where the kids? imaginations go next!

  • Always Compatible: All pieces are compatible with and complementary to all other MAGNA-TILES? sets.

  • Safety Guaranteed:  All MAGNA-TILES? pieces are built to withstand countless hours of playtime.  Our signature lattice prevents cracking, while fastening rivets keep magnets safe and secure.

  • Superior Quality: MAGNA-TILES? pieces are made from food-grade, non-toxic MABS plastic that's free from BPAs, phthalates, and latex.  Our magnets are selected with kids in mind, letting them easily pull apart tiles for safe, frustration-free building.

  • Made With Purpose: MAGNA-TILES? sets are loved by builders ages 3-99 and designed for kids to enjoy, without instructions or adult assistance. We're advocates for Meaningful Play, that is:  Fun, Engaging, Experience Based, Child Led and Developmental.


  • 50 Squares

  • 4 Large Squares

  • 20 Equilateral Triangles

  • 11 Right Triangles

  • 15 Isosceles Triangles

For ages 3 years+.